He Is That Child by Corey Darnell

     Many people have asked various quetions when it comes to faith in Jesus Christ.  Questins such as, “How can you trust in someone whom you have not seen?”  or “How can you be sure that the Bible is God’s authoritative word?”  Now these questins can be answered in one of two ways, a religious way or a relationship way.  A religious way, focuses on the person and what they can do  and a relationship way, focuses on God and what He has already done.  So if I were to answer the questions above religously, I would say “you just have to believe,” and offer no other explanation.  An answer like this would have you believe that you would have to look to yourself to try and find some kind of “miracle faith” within you to “believe God.”  Needless to say that that type of answer won’t work very long when you are trying to convince someone, or even yourself that there is a God who cares for you.  If we did have what it took within us to be able to believe in a God whom we have not seen, then there should not be any forms of depression, worry, or fear.  Yet there are.

     In order to answer the questions asked at the beginning you would have to answer it in a relationship type of a way.  Now remember, this type of answer focuses on God and what He has done.  In other words, a relationship type of answer must be backed with evidence.  How do we know what we know about anything?  By the evidence that it produces.  You must ask ” What evidence has God given me to show me that He is God and that He cares”  Look at yourself and the situation that you’re in now.  I don’t care how tired you are of that same old job, or that same old house or apartment, you know deep down that things could be worse.  So why aren’t they?  It’s the evidences of grace and mercy.  Where is it written that says you or I could live anyway we see fit, no matter how displeasing to God, and He still would have to bless us?  Where is it written that God has to become involved in and clean-up a mess that we made?  No where!!  He doesn’t have to do anything, He CHOOSES to do what He wants to do.  Just like He chose to give His son Jesus as a sacarifice for you and me as evidence of His love for us.  God doesn’t wait for us and then gives us His evidence, He gives the evidence first and then waits for us.

     So, How can I trust in someone whom I have nt physically seen?  I see the evidence that He has already given, at work in me.  The things I used to do, I don’t do anymore.  Not because I found some great inner faith in myself, but because I came to understand what God has done for me and allowed the evidence to change me.

     Some years ago, a child was born of a virgin over in the Middle East.  Not many at that time understood what he meant to humanity.  As he grew older some dared to categorize him as a teacher, or one of many prophets.  It would be a man by the name of Peter, who would correctly identify him by saying “you are the Christ, the son of the living God.”  Jesus is the Christ, the evidence God gave to all of humanity of Himself and His love for us, and it is this same evidence that is changing lives until this very hour.


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