Total Life Fulfillment by Corey Darnell

     If you were to look at the word “fulfillment,” you would automatically notice the root word “fulfill.”  This word has many definitions that pertain to something being done for another or at the request of another. One such definition is “the carrying out of something, such as the carrying out of a promise or prediction (I prefer to use the word prophecy). To cause to be or happen for another.”  All that God has ever desired to do for us he has done.  There is no need for us to walk around pleading with Him.  2 Peter 1:2-3 tells us that we have been given everything we need for our natural and spiritual lives by our Lord Jesus.  To sum the above up, God has watched over the promises that He made with us that He may carry them out for us.  There is no natural or spiritual force that can prevent God from completing all His pronmises for us except for one, US!  We are the greatest hindrances to the work of God in our lives.  I say this because the only way we can benefit from God’s goodness, is to believe what He says and do what He says.

     This brings me to another definition of the word “fulfill,” which is “the doing of that which is required; to obey. To fill the requirements of, as to satisfy a condition or answer a purpose (call).”  Is there something that God has asked you to do for His sake?  Is there a truth that He wants to teach you from His word but you have politely ignored HIm?  Ask the Lord now if there is something in your life that you have not dealt with or developed that would keep Him from fulfilling His promises in your life.  The two main areas that I have noticed that prevent God from fulfilling His promises to us are:

     1. Not submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ

     2. Not planting oneself in the church that God has called them to.

I am not going to go in depth with why these two areas pose the greatest problems, but I will say that the Lordship of Jesus Christ covers much more than just Salvation and the church covers much more than just Sunday service.  This word I speak is not mine.  I speak as I believe the Lord is telling me to speak.  This year is our year.  We must position ourselves accordingly that we may be witnesses of God’s goodness.  “If you abide (remain) in me and my words abide (remain) in you, then you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.”  Again God gives us assurance that if we follow His guidelines to abide or remain in Him and allow His words to abide or remain in us we can ask what we desire and it shall be done.  This is because if we remain in God, faithful and obedient, and learn His word, allowing it to remain in our hearts and minds, we will be led by the Holy Spirit to ask only those things which are in accord with God’ word.

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